The Game Bird is lauded by London’s restaurant critics


The Game Bird is increasingly winning popular acclaim and this has been backed up by the leading newspapers and critics in the UK as well as being awarded ‘Most Civilised Restaurant‘ at the 2018 Tatler Restaurant Awards. We are very pleased that our restaurant has been so well received by London’s most feared and feted restaurant critics, and we want to share some of our most noteworthy reviews with you. Read the top highlights of what the critics are saying about us below!

Jay Rayner, The Guardian

Can it offer the very best versions of the familiar? The answer is, yes it can, and how. In a time of grinding restlessness, the Game Bird is about a very special kind of continuity; of eternal verities nuzzled up to and whispered sweet nothings at. Some restaurant reviews are a list of dishes. Some are social commentary. This one is a love letter.

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Giles Coren, The Times

It was all excellent… marvellous. The Chicken Kiev was utterly historic. I will be going back to the Stafford because anyone who can do this with a chicken and a potato (and about a kilo of butter) deserves to have his suet puddings, côte de boeuf, braised English rose veal, calves’ liver, egg and chips and oysters Rockefeller very closely looked at. 

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Michael Deacon, The Telegraph

[The Game Bird is] another carnival of gluttony. The restaurant itself is swish but relaxed, with the general feel of a gentleman’s club. The dover sole meunière was so soft and sleek and supple, it dissolved in my mouth almost on entry. The pistachio soufflé was a gorgeous, shivering collision between hot and cold. It’s good, The Game Bird.’

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Tom Parker Bowles, DailyMail

Even if you don’t love grouse or partridge, this place is a true trencherman’s treat. This is nursery food, plain and simple, the sort that built empires and bellies with equal aplomb. There’s no place for embellishment or innovation with a classic like this, and Durrant is wise enough to leave it be. I’d come back for this alone. The Game Bird is a delight, an upmarket class act.

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Ben Norum, The Evening Standard

As well as the playful prevailing sense of fun, the out-and-out Britishness of the menu is one of the great strengths here. Too many of London’s classic, oh-so-very-English hotels still insist on going full on Française when it comes to their dining rooms, but here James Durrant proves just how great British can be.

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