Master Sommelier Gino Nardella

It is impossible to discuss The Stafford’s Wine Cellars without mentioning Master Sommelier Gino Nardella. His experience is vast, from his childhood spent on the family owned vineyard in Southern France to over 40 years accumulated experience as a Sommelier.

In addition to nurturing the thousands of bottles in the hotel’s cellars, Gino oversees the wine service in The Stafford’s restaurant, providing complementary vintages for private dining menus as well as giving tips to would-be connoisseurs.

Gino hosts wine tastings & wine-pairing dinners in the Cellars throughout the year. With over 40 years of experience at The Stafford alone, there isn’t a bottle he hasn’t tried nor a story he hasn’t heard. Gino’s personality is such that you can’t help but be swept up in his passion and knowledge so whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned connoisseur, you can be guaranteed to come away more enlightened than you did when starting out.